Casino Games Provider: CQ9 Gaming

CQ9 Gaming is not your average online casino game developer company despite being relatively new to the market. Within a very short period, they have made a name for themselves in the entire Asia. Let’s take a quick look at their success!



CQ9 Gaming is amongst the many leading online casino slot developers in the market today. This Taiwan-based company launched in 2016 and they use HTML5 source or engine for their games. In just a few short years, they have already produced and developed 100 mobile-ready games for casinos.

By an estimate, CQ9 game titles have already been distributed across over 1,500 online casino websites around the world. While they remain an Asian company that primarily focuses on Asian demographics, their games can still be widely seen throughout Europe and the US.

You may have even come across their games at one point for sure, especially their different online slots games. Having this many kinds of variations allows the assurance of finding the right slot games for all players of different skills.

The Team

Their multitude of high-quality games would not be possible without their skillful and dedicated team.

They managed to develop countless competitive games n a very short period of time. It’s all made possible with their experienced IT engineers, multimedia artists, data-logic, software engineers, and operating engineers.

This makes them one of the best and most competitive game developers in the whole Asia continent. With such cohesive collaboration, they were able to achieve the daunting task of creating a great library of amazing games.


The company’s mission is to give all the game developers an equal opportunity to make a profit. This is in line to make a successful digital store for all the great games they can collectively build for the market.

They embrace team effort, teamwork, risky challenges, and passion that they all share with their operators, and their end-users. It’s one of their core values that makes them loved by many online casino leaders in the industry today.

Their passion is to simply offer a plethora of amazing products and platforms that are both fully operational, and profitable. They are flexible in adopting strategies and other developing procedures if deemed necessary.

Business Overview

CQ9 Gaming wanted to promote enthusiasm for working on a cohesive environment for both the developers and their clients. They wanted to ensure that together, they can accomplish a win-win future altogether and with unity.

Part of their goal is to take a step after another in expanding their business across the globe. While listed and based in Taipei, Taiwan, they are slowly gearing towards their expansion in the US and Europe regions.

Their ambition is just as big as the other companies of the same league in hopes to enter the global market triumphantly. Having established back in 2016, they are on the track of making all these possible.


As of this writing, CQ9 Gaming has already developed over a hundred original games made using HTML5. There are 4 different game categories under their collection of online casino games.

Game Categories


Who doesn’t love slot games? One thing is most certain, CQ9 Gaming is not one of them. They have already built a massive number of equally thrilling online slots that every player, with or without experience, will enjoy.

Perhaps one could argue that they have already perfected the formula of creating and developing the best slots you’d die for.

Multiplayer Fish Games

As an Asian-based company, it is to be expected to see a fish shooting game or two. These fish games are amongst the many unique games loved by locals. It offers a whole new realm of gambling and entertainment.

CQ9 Gaming is among the companies from Asia who seeks fish hunter game’s success in the international scene.

Arcade Games

Arcade games are also amongst the popular games that many Asian loves to enjoy. CQ9 Gaming takes an effort to bring these favorites overseas. Arcade games are often underappreciated but CQ9 believes that in time, they’ll get the recognition they deserve.

Multiplayer Online Board & Card Game

Multiplayer games are a welcoming addition of CQ9 Gaming’s library of great games. While the company is far behind from developing as many board games or card games as they can, what they have accomplished so far is a good sign that they are more capable of adding more whenever they see fit.

The DNA of their products

CQ9 Gaming is mostly known for their work. Additionally, the result of whatever the games they make turns out to be the reflection of the dedication and effort they exert. Their games are what represents the attitude they have towards their goal.

Here are some remarkable qualities that their games have in common. This makes for a great recipe that only CQ9 Gaming can cook themselves.

  • High pay symbol stacking
    Right off the bat, you can immediately tell that their games have one of the highest payouts.
  • High score multiplier
    Multipliers increase not only the thrill exponentially, but more importantly, your winnings!
  • Wild stacking and extending
    Games are more exciting than ever with so many ways to enhance your gaming experience.
  • Various kinds of bonus games
    Playing bonus games are taken into the next level! Many slot games, in particular, are filled with it!
  • Various win lines connection
    Having various win lines only means one thing: there is always more for the player to win!
  • Natural RNG
    Their RNG lets you experience the true sense of randomness. You’ll never know the difference between what’s real and what is not.
  • Multiple language and currency
    This just shows how eager CQ9 Gaming wanted to bring their online casino experience across the globe.
  • Multi-platform support
    Whether you wish to play on a desktop computer or with a more portable device like phones, you now can!


Demo Games

There are numerous ways to get a taste of what CQ9 Gaming has in store for everyone. As mentioned several times already, They have well-established their brand among the leading Asian casino game developers.

They offer free demos for players and casino operators to try. Players are sure to find well-executed themes, details, and graphics. Sound and animation are all perfectly integrated naturally resulting in an experience like no other.